The SBGA and the Better Gold Initiative for ASM facilitates the flow to market of gold from responsible artisanal and small-scale mining operations. Continuous improvement is a core and immutable principle of the public private partnership and fundamental to its success. 

Participating ASM operations are incentivised to continually improve their practices and, step-by-step, gain access to the international gold market by demonstrating their compliance with Better Gold due diligence criteria or the requirements of a recognised VSS. 

The Better Gold for ASM Continuous Improvement Escalator has three progressive steps from first selection of ASM to becoming verified Better Gold Suppliers and, for some operators who aspire to gain entry to specialist markets, certification by VSS.

To motivate ASM operators to ascend the steps of the Escalator and progress towards higher standard, greater organizational capacity, and mine more productively, efficiently, safely and cleanly, Better Gold provides incentives for ASM:

- Access to SBGA Members Markets and Supply Chains;

- BGI for ASM Technical Assistance;

- Co-Financing Community Development Projects.