Swiss Better Gold Initiative Phase III

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The innovative public-private partnership between SECO and the Swiss Better Gold Association (SBGA), established in 2013, continues improving the social and environmental conditions in artisanal and small-scale gold mining.

The third phase of this initiative, which will run between 2021 and 2025, has as its main goal to reach out to other jurisdictions, as well as to raise awareness on ASM gold mining in order to attain a higher development impact.

To obtain the expected results, a series of activities divided into the following 3 different outcomes are carried out:

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1) ASM are part of and benefit from responsible value-chains  from mine to market

Through this initiative, ASMs mining operations receive technical and organizational support; a special emphasis and aid is given to ASMs accreditation as responsible producers.

Moreover, the Swiss Better Gold Association is present not only throughout the closing of the value chain cycle from mine to market but its members are also expected to acquire Swiss Better Gold production.

These profits will be later reinvested in the promotion of social and environmental community projects.

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2) Improved framework conditions for responsible ASM

Responsible production is further reinforced by imparting technical support to policy-makers with the aim to simplify the formalization framework. Among the several issues that will be tackled, stand development & implementation of formalization frameworks, climate change mitigation and adaptation, access to basic bank services for miners, etc.

3) Coordinated and well disseminated good practices for responsible gold

Additionally, the Swiss Better Gold Initiative encourages responsible ASM Gold production by actively imparting knowledge, and by cooperating with national and international partners in development cooperation programs.

An institutionalized multi-stakeholder dialogue on ASM gold, already put into place in past years, will also be strengthened and promoted.

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